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Description: 168 Pages; 59 Images    The Maryland men, and woman, who sided with the Confederacy were a breed of American that seems almost fictitious in our current generation.  Due to their immense bravery, discipline, and loyalties to certain ideals, they were revered by those who fought with them, and against them.  Coming from all facets of society, the Maryland Rebel left their homes and families, staking everything on the fight for Southern independence.   Having strong ties with it’s sister state of Virginia, Maryland had deep Southern loyalties, enough so that Union troops occupied many cities and towns around the state and cannons were aimed at unarmed citizens, with permission from Lincoln to use them.

From the first bloodshed of the war that was spilled in the streets of Baltimore, to being a favorite of Stonewall Jackson during his Valley Campaign, until Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House in 1865, Maryland Confederates distinguished themselves as being among the finest regiments on either side of the fight.

Many of the 20,000 Marylanders, who ‘went South,’ were common-folk who didn’t own slaves but fought to prevent the tyranny and despotism that they felt was being increasingly imposed on them by the Federal Government.

This book will take the reader through the causes of the great war, the military occupation of Maryland and the many episodes of valor from the leaders and soldiers of the Old Line State.  They were heroes.

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