400 Years of Adventures from Crisfield, MD – the Gem of the Chesapeake Bay

The Crisfield Story Project (CSP), is a historic and cultural outfitter, tour guide service and so much more.  In essence, we bring the rich, fascinating story of Crisfield and Somerset County, MD to life for those who want to experience the heritage that has helped form a lifestyle indigenous to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

★★★★★ “Tons of hard work and commitment from this group. The tour was outstanding!” – Cathy Landon


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First settled in the early 1660’s by those fleeing persecution in Virginia, the area is among the oldest on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Crisfield, and the outlying islands of Janes, Smith and Tangier are historic and cultural gems of the Chesapeake Bay. 

Hoptown Pile
Schooner docked alongside Oyster Pile in Crisfield, MD

We invite you to browse through our menu to find out how to experience the story firsthand.  From field trips and guided tours, to vacation packages that will immerse you and your family into this fascinating history and culture, The Crisfield Story Project will accommodate you with a potential life changing experience.

★★★★★ “Just brilliant! Every time I see work from Joe Paden I know it is going to be at least these three things: well researched, filled with passion, and entirely interesting. Joe successfully puts his heart and soul into the history of Crisfield.  It’s definitely a must see!” – Katherin Ilin.
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Photo of a CSP Walking Tour. (Debbie Brice Image)